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Fernando Ortuño

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." - John Ruskin

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My name is Fernando Mario Ortuno Flores . I’m a software engineer with experience in direction, planification, and the development of software projects.

I have completed several projects of local projection, and outsourcing for US clients, working in every aspect from planning to development and implementation and following the SCRUM methodology.

Im trained in the current management, development and implementation tools in addition to the maintenance and expansion of computer projects. I have experience with the development of web systems, control systems as well as remote systems, intercom systems and hybrid mobile technology such as PhoneGap.


What do I do? I explain briefly.

Follow the SCRUM metodology

I follow the SCRUM metology , I was in many sides of the metodology, since develop to PM. I start the day with my team with SCRUM meetings, which allow me to better coordinate the scope of all the stated goals, communication and Knowledge of my team allows me to obtain the results.

Web Development

First, I study the client's requirements, the latest visual trends, the technologies necessary to achieve the objective, the resources and then make estimates through Mockups that allow us to define scopes, times and resources in each of the stages of development.

Be part of a big team

I have participated in large Outsourcing projects in different stages of development, planning, releases and sometimes in OnCall giving support, the last large project that I have been working as OutSourcing for three years now is in a large company with Los Angeles-based headquarters dedicated to Cloud Point of Sale for Enterprise Brands Enhancing the ordering experience for diners and shoppers, while making operations more efficient for the enterprises teh company serve.

Integrate system with other platforms

I have integrated various third systems with current systems, this in order to expand the operation of current systems, I have achieved this goal with several integrations especially in this last company in which I currently work.

Technical Support

I have worked in LiveOps teams and sometimes responding to Oncall tickets, giving technical support, especially after special releases for events.

System maintenance

The user, as well as the system, are willing to change the time required by technology currents. A new functionality, a new process, a new report, an error, are events that will be taken care of by the team, to ensure that the system does not commit catastrophic errors in production system.


Here are just some of the projects I participate.

American Printer 1

American Printer S.R.L. It is the first Bolivian company focused on the solution in printing supplies.

Limejump - Responsive website by Fernando Ortuño

American Printer 2

sitio 2

Spright - Developer FullStack by Fernando Ortuño Spright - Developer FullStack by Fernando Ortuño
Spright - Developer FullStack by Fernando Ortuño

Praxis Laboratory

Praxis Laboratorios is a company that provides clinical analysis services with quality and experience.

Sciemus - Responsive web design by Fernando Ortuño


Application for entering results via tablets.

Ourea Wordpress Theme - Custom wordpress theme development by Fernando Ortuño


Its a company based on Bolivia , related to account systems.

FFResidential - Mobile-friendly web development by Fernando Ortuño

Mobile Applications

Targeted applications for Mobile environments are our clear objectives when developing and implementing a site.

99Designs - Professional web design by Fernando Ortuño

Other projects are not avialable to display due the confidenciality of the enterprises


Im a Fullstack developer and If you are interested in my knowledge and some of my skills, here are some of the tools I work with.


HTML is the most important mark-up language when it comes to developing the front-end part of a website. I am an expert in HTML 5, and I have developed several attractive and easy-to-use front-end jobs.

CSS 3 & frameworks

I have worked with various css frameworks from Bootstrap, Foundation and others most of the time we work and maintain the code of the technology that is applied in the project.


I have worked with various CMS, its development, templates, publication, domains etc. even in its maintenance and publication of content taking into account SEO techniques..


MySQL is mainly used to create database driven applications. I use PHPMyAdmin and Sequel Pro to create large-scale applications and content management systems for clients , Ive also worked with SqlServer and Postgresql.

PHP frameworks

I have worked on different PHP frameworks since Yii II, laravel, CodeIgniter and others, in the last big project Im working they migrate different parts of the functionality to laravel and Microservices.


It is the language in which I have been working the longest for the last few years, but due to the migrations and performance of some sections of the project, sections are being migrated to the GO language.


In the project that I am working on, large sections of code are migrating to GO, especially those that have performance problems, this because of the efficiency in resources, I have been training in this technology for almost 8 months.


I worked with a lot of Javascript frameworks, from jquery , javascript pure, and other mixed frameworks, in the last months we are changing parts of the code to React JS.

Photoshop & Sketch

Ive also on the free time make changes small on content of some sites , I prepare content with image editors like Photoshop , but this basic and just for fun :P .

Search Engine Optimisation

Ive worked on the design and mantenience of SEO sites, using tecniques related to reach this goal.


Evolution. The birth of an Information System.


No need to worry, I will get to know all the details of my work. It is not a somewhat canned independent production line, a design already made where, like many, they just want to move quickly to the next customer, without really approaching the particular company. In order to have a seal of quality in future work, it is necessary to carry out the implementation on a solid research base.This is only achieved with time in the business of a client and the industry in general, so learning exactly how to create incredible sistems will require that let's spend time with the team.

This level is initial and not even a line of code is made, we are still in the System Analysis stage.


The path to the creation of a quality application is more focused on a long and delicate analysis, and many sessions with the client, this so that both parties are in agreement with what is necessary based on designs of what the application when it is finished, this is called Mockups, and is the basis for any system that wants to be successful.


The next stage in the development is that of Design and this consists of realizing the interfaces already programming including the Database, this lays the basis for the operation of the system, and we practically follow the parameters that were taken in the previous stages.

Fullstack Development

This stage is the result of the previous ones, not a single line of code can be developed if the scope and all the information that was taken in the previous stages is not clear.

Few are the projects that allow you to be alone, most of the projects are faced with a group specialized in development, therefore the programming has a lot of personnel administration and organization of tasks, in the projects that I have worked we follow the SCRUM methodology It is a science, Sprints and daily meetings and control in Bitbucket is necessary to achieve success in information projects.

Test / QA

All our applications need this stage, which clearly defines the success of the release.
It is the process used to identify correctness, completeness, security and quality in software development.
Ive support the QA team with the clarity of the steps to reproduce a functionality and helping tracking a problem.
The testo of a software product is one of the most complex and important steps in software development. This includes the process of finding errors in the software; but testing is not only limited to that. The testing or testing of a software relates to attributes such as reliability, efficiency, portability, scalability, maintainability, compatibility, usability and capacity , we spent some special time before each release to help the QA team to reach his goals.


After the completion of each sprint or when the Release policy is complete, we will migrate our code to test environments, then move on to an exact copy of Production, where more tests are performed, and the release to Production will be It is carried out in a schedule of low influx of customers and with the support of all teams, the Oncall team is also prepared to deal with any problems after the release that is reported by one of the clients.


Simply, I love coding, and all the process of a systems needs to work properly.

High Quality System Development

I pride myself in taking the technical expertise I’ve picked up over the years and translating it into stunning, alluring web design that responds well to both yours and your client’s needs.

With many modern businesses and enterprises functioning without a physical, ‘high street’ presence, or even any conventional office space, a high quality website that ticks all the boxes in terms of user interface and user experience is something that you simply can’t do without.


I've can comunicate in English like the main language of communication, in which I can communicate eficiently but not at the level of a full native speaker, but Im 3 years working and reaching goals in a US companty in the outsourcing team being part of the meetings , and all the proccess of development without any problem.

Importance of learn

The important thing is to learn quickly and efficiently, the technologies change very fast, but I find the predisposition to work efficiently to obtain the knowledge that is necessary in the face of new technologies and changes, it is good to always learn.



eCommerce Website Development

Ecommerce is big business, and literally thousands of sites are looking to latch on to the success of the likes of Amazon and make a pretty penny selling whatever wares they specialise in. It’s important that eCommerce sites are simple to navigate and easy to purchase from – it also needs to be clear what you’re selling, as customers can’t simply feel the material or take a sample of your products!

If you or a client are looking to create or update an ecommerce site, you need a developer with experience in multiple frameworks, knowledge of how to create compelling visuals and, of course, someone well-versed in the intensive demands of search engine optimisation.

Large-scale Application Development

Sometimes clients come to me with requests that are, to put it politely, a little different in nature. There’s nothing I like more than solving a problem, though, and this is what’s required when we talk about developing large-scale web applications.

I’ve worked on a number of large applications for different clients in the past, using the likes of PHP, Laravel and MySQL , postgresql